Natural World Old Sama


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Natural World Old Sama

Natural World Old Sama ecofriendly, canvas sneakers are made for walking. These women´s casual sneakers have been made in Spain using 100% ecological materials. The upper part of these shoes has been made with organic cotton and the outsole is rubber. Use them for all occasions – a night out or simply to relax on a day off far away from the office. Enjoy wearing them with or without shoelaces.

As part of the Natural World brand philosophy, these sneakers come in a recycled cardboard box.


Colours:- olive | cuero

• Sole height 3 cms

 Removable insoles

 The manufacturing process uses a natural fabric so any irregularity is a part of its characteristic


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Natural World is a young brand, but with great experience after years of family tradition in the world of footwear.  Their aim was to create a 100% ecological shoe. The essence of the brand is the love of nature and the the authenticity of its products, blending those trends with the company’s ecological philosophy.