Le Chocolat des Francais Organic Milk Chocolate Bar


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Le Chocolat des Francais Organic Milk Chocolate Bar

Gorgeous individual chocolate bar from Le Chocolat des Francais. Also, featuring artwork across the front and a range of irresistible flavours.

Mona Lisa: Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel. The historic Mona Lisa for arty lovers ! The creaminess of this organic milk chocolate leaves room for crunchy caramel, and finish with a salty touch from Guérande.

Cinema: Dark 71% & Hazelnuts. Swap your popcorn for this 71% dark chocolate bar, lightly fruity and generously filled with crunchy hazelnuts.

The Eiffel Tower: Milk Chocolate & Almond Flakes. The Eiffel Tower states on this very yummy chocolate bar where organic almond flakes provide the perfect crunchy touch.

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These organic chocolate bars are made in Avignon. So, after touring all around France, they have found the best artisan with who they now closely collaborate to develop our recipes. Because it’s a family business, this expert has inherited of his specific know-how, which is transmitted from one generation to the next.

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