Izipizi Screen Protection Glasses


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Izipizi Screen Protection Glasses

Izipizi #E screen protection glasses are equipped with lenses that filter 40% of blue light. All “LED screens” (smartphones, tablets, computer screens, Tvs, etc.) emit a “blue light” which is particularly harmful to eyes. Therefore, these glasses make everyday life more comfortable, protects your eyes and guarantees you a very fashionable look.

COLOURS: blue tortoise / kaki
DIOPTERS: +1 / +1.5 / +2 / +2.5 / +3 / without correction

  • Rubber texture
  • Flexible arms and designer frames
  • Comfort and style guaranteed

Izipizi  was created 10 years ago and is proud of its ethos of moving forward towards a more ethical world, reducing their impact on the planet, working on the quality of our materials and strengthening their social actions. They create accessible, colourful eyewear for everyone, for every moment of life.

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