Fitflop Marble Knit Sneakers


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Fitflop Marble Knit Sneakers

If you are looking for a great pair of sneakers, these Fitflop Marble Knit Sneakers are for you! Available in two colours. Also great for the summer!

We have a range of sale shoes at Canopy, although only a small range is featured here on our website. Therefore, if you’re looking for a particular product or would like more information please leave us a message or call us on 020 8940 9905.

Fitflop entered the scene in 2007. This was when it was generally accepted that a shoe could not look good and feel great. So, they set about changing this one step at a time. Their mission is to empower you to live an active and fulfilled life. Supporting you from the ground up with the perfect combination of biomechanics, comfort and fashion.